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23 Recipes With Pickles, for Pickles, and by Pickles

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Real pickle lovers aren’t just into homemade pickles, store-bought sweet pickles, and savory dilly pickles, they’re into all recipes with pickles in them. Tartar sauce. Potato salad. Tuna melts. Pulled pork sliders. Any-pickle dip. We could go on. This even includes pickle juice, which you’ll find in this martini and these ice pops—and yes, the pickle-obsessed will absolutely put pickle brine in their soup. (Heck, they—actress Kristen Bell among them—will make something called dill pickle soup. The pickle brine is the soup.)

Are you one of them? Or, should we say, are you one of us? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here are our favorite easy recipes with pickles.

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