Tuesday, May 21, 2024

41 No-Bake Desserts to Not-Bake Tonight

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The outside temperature is creeping up the dial—which means your kitchen temperature is also on the rise. You wouldn’t dare turn on the oven. Time for some no-bake dessert recipes. But let’s paint another scenario: When you don’t have an hour to wait for a layer cake or pecan pie or chocolate chip cookies or some other last-minute dessert to cool? It’s time for a no-bake dessert. Or, when you just can’t deal with a complicated project, but a sweet treat is necessary: It’s time for a no-bake dessert. In essence, combine the phrases no-bake and dessert recipes, and you’ve got sweet, sweet magic.

Below you’ll find our best options for satisfying your sweet tooth, no preheating of any machinery required: That means no baking, no toasting, and no roasting of any food items, so you can keep your cool.

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