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Best Piña Colada Recipe | Bon Appétit

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Forget hurricane glasses overflowing with a sticky-sweet concoction of sugary mixers and subpar booze. This frozen piña colada recipe is more dignified—but no less fun. When made with care, the preeminent summer drink balances sweetness and tang, has a creamy coconut edge, and packs a punch.

You’ll need a good blender to achieve this rum cocktail’s slushie-like texture, but you’ll also need room in the freezer, so clear some space on an easy-to-access shelf before you get started. Using fresh pineapple slices adds extra brightness to the drink; if you can’t find a good one, an 8-oz. bag of frozen pineapple chunks will work. This version owes its richness to both cream of coconut and coconut milk, which get blitzed along with the other piña colada ingredients. Freeze the mixture (yes, in its blender jar!), then blitz again to reach that coveted texture. No matter where (or when) you’re serving this frozen cocktail, a little umbrella and a cocktail cherry (or a fresh pineapple wedge) is a nice finishing touch.

If you’re short on time or freezer space but still hoping for a tropical drink at home, this Bird of Paradise with rum, pineapple juice, and Aperol comes together quickly, as does a mai tai or a mojito.

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