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Blueberry Coffee Cake Recipe | Bon Appétit

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This blueberry coffee cake recipe is ideal for summer when you have a flat of fresh blueberries idling on your counter. But if you’re reading this in the dead of winter, don’t worry: It works with frozen blueberries too. And yes, you can also swap out the fruit for an equal amount of raspberries, blackberries, currants, or whatever else looks good at the farmers market.

The recipe came to us via one of our Best New Restaurants for 2012, Cakes & Ale in Decatur, Georgia (now closed). Like many coffee cakes, it’s all about a mix of textures: the crumb should be moist and not overly dense, while the streusel topping should have a pleasing crunch that gives way to a burst of juicy berries. To achieve this, be sure to add the eggs to the mixing bowl one at a time and beat them thoroughly, which introduces air to the batter and ensures each ingredient is properly incorporated (a stand mixer is helpful here, but a hand mixer also works).

When you’re layering, start with half the cake batter, then a ribbon of cinnamon sugar, followed by more batter, blueberries tossed in breadcrumbs (which soak up excess moisture and keep the berries from sinking to the bottom of the cake pan), and finally the buttery crumble topping. If you’d like, a dusting of powdered sugar wouldn’t be out of place, but we prefer this coffee cake without. Enjoy a slice with a cup of coffee and scrambled eggs over a leisurely weekend brunch, then wrap any leftovers tightly in plastic to snack on throughout the week.

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