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Chicken Soup With Fenugreek and Turmeric Recipe

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There is literally nothing better than a big bowl of golden chicken soup. It cures everything and is a universally comforting dish. I gave birth to my oldest in the spring, during Passover, so I lived off of chicken soup. It was something I looked forward to daily, giving me the nourishment and comfort I needed during that time.

To create a soup that really brings the flavor, I use skin-on, bone-in dark meat because, let’s be honest, it doesn’t dry out as quickly as white meat does, and it brings more richness to the broth. I love to add in a nice amount of turmeric, which not only contributes a beautiful earthiness and golden color, but also may have anti-inflammatory benefits. The ingredient that really takes this soup to another level is dried fenugreek leaves—you can find them online or at a South Asian market, labeled “kasuri methi” or “kasoori methi” (look for brands like Everest or MDH to start). Not only does it add beautiful depth to the broth, but fenugreek is also supposed to encourage milk supply, so the addition of the leaves may help if nursing is part of your motherhood journey.

This soup keeps well in the freezer; if you choose to freeze it, make sure to shred the chicken off of the bone first. It’s easy to reach for and warm up, if you are enjoying it postpartum, or if you simply want a nourishing soup on hand for when the fam gets sick. I love to serve this as is, or with noodles or leftover rice. You can also add some leafy greens and/or legumes to transform this gorgeous broth into more of a stew.

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