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Easy Steak With Pan Sauce Recipe

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Pan sauce, without a doubt, holds the record for most wasted potential in the kitchen. Sure, the steak is important, but its drippings are too often relegated to the waste bin when they could easily have been transformed into a punchy buttery sauce. Well, no more! This easy steak pan sauce recipe ensures a restaurant-quality dinner, achievable at home on any given weeknight.

The method works with all cuts of steak, from rib eye to hanger to fillet, but you don’t have to stop at beef. Your pan-seared pork chops and chicken thighs could use this glossy sauce too. If you’re new to making pan sauces, here are a few things to know: (1) Avoid nonstick pans here. A cast-iron or stainless-steel skillet helps achieve a good crust on the meat, and the browned bits (known as fond) on the bottom of the pan add a lot of flavor. (2) You do not need all of the drippings—you’re going to add butter, so mop any blackened oil with a paper towel. (3) Deglazing is essential. Here, we use water for ease, but red or white wine, which adds acidity, also works, as does beef broth or any stock you have on hand. (4) Adding butter at the end emulsifies the sauce, bringing everything together—don’t skimp.

We prefer a medium-rare steak, and this recipe will guide you there. But investing in a meat thermometer is the surest way to reach your ideal doneness. Remember, the temperature will continue to rise to the next level of doneness, so for medium, pull it from the heat when the temperature reaches 130°; for medium-well, 140°; and for well-done, 150°.

You don’t need much besides this steak and sauce for dinner: red wine, good bread, and a simple green salad—maybe with some finely chopped shallots and fresh herbs.

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