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Great Jones and Fellow Made a Beautiful Version of Our Favorite Gooseneck

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Let’s face it: Your microwave doesn’t cut it when you want to heat up water for tea, pour-over coffee, or instant noodles. An electric kettle is far more efficient and precise. But in their goofy stainless steel and borosilicate, with night light blue indicator lights, most electric kettles leave something to be desired in the looks department. And that’s where this collaboration between trend-savvy Great Jones and coffee darling Fellow comes in. They’re back with a boldly hued version of Fellow’s unquestionably excellent (Bon Appétit-staff approved) gooseneck kettle.

Great Fellow Stagg Gooseneck Kettle

If you’re into pour-over coffee, then chances are that you’ve seen the Fellow Stagg EKG gooseneck kettle. It’s a favorite among coffee lovers for its sleek look, easy-to-use interface, and smart construction. When recommending electric kettles for our recent review, Cary Wong, director of coffee at Partners Coffee, highlighted the Stagg, explaining the slim build of the spout gives a slow, narrow stream of water that allows you to “evenly saturate the coffee bed for an even extraction.” You hardly need to tilt it to get the kind of consistent trickle that’s essential for pour-over, and the ergonomic handle makes the kettle feel like an extension of your hand.

After using the Stagg for close to two years, senior commerce editor Noah Kaufman is quick to praise its interface. On first glance, it doesn’t appear that the single knob and button on the kettle could offer much. But like the dials on old iPods, these two touchpoints actually open up a world of possibilities, allowing you to set temperatures to a single degree and use six presets for different coffee brewing methods and tea types. The Stagg also has a timer for monitoring brewing progress and a clock that you can set to start boiling water before you even wake up—something Noah hasn’t encountered in any other electric kettle he’s tried.

Great Fellow gooseneck kettle pouring into a cup

Megan Wahn

But Fellow’s look has been pretty specific: your only choices were matte black or white. This new collab offers an eye-catching color palette that makes your kitchen feel like a trendy boutique.

This isn’t the first time these two brands have combined the Fellow-favored sleek silhouette with the bold colors characteristic of Great Jones cookware and bakeware; they released a broccoli-green version of Fellow’s staple kettle back in 2021, dubbing it the Great Fellow. (Word to the wise: It sold out five times.) The new Great Fellow sports three signature hues: bright blueberry for the body, pops of mustard yellow as an accent, and a vibrant raspberry for the base. The result is an ultra-stylish version of an appliance we already love, ready for a fit check alongside your Hot Dish and Holy Sheet.

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