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I Need to Make Vegetables Exciting

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ON THIS WEEK’S episode of Dinner SOS, test kitchen director and host Chris Morocco is joined by cookbook author and Top Chef Canada host Eden Grinshpan to help Abby get more vegetables on her family’s dinner table.

Abby would happily munch through a bowl of plain, steamed broccoli and savor the vegetal goodness in every bite. Her husband Trent? Not so much. He struggles to find much to love in the vegetable kingdom other than Caesar salad kits from the supermarket. Chris turns to Eden, who has so many thoughts on vegetables that she wrote a cookbook—Eating Out Loud—with recipes centered around them. Eden is also a mother and no stranger to sneaking vegetables into her kids’ food.

Chris and Eden agree that to make crave-worthy vegetables, it’s all about adding layers of flavor and texture. They suggest that Abby focus on condiments (which her husband has admitted to loving) like a garlicky yogurt or tahini to which Abby can add herbs, lemon juice, or even beets for bright pink color. Chris also gives the option to swap mayonnaise in dishes like coleslaw for brighter, lighter, and protein-packed greek yogurt. As for cooking the vegetables, Eden suggests to forgo steaming Trent’s not-so-favorite broccoli and instead to roast it at high heat for crisp-edged florets and pleasantly charred flavor.

Listen now to hear if Abby and Trent are able to find vegetable dishes they (and their three-year-old daughter) all love.

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