Thursday, May 30, 2024

Kong-Bul (Soybean Sprouts and Bulgogi) Recipe

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When Koreans drink, we always need a hearty anju, or drinking food, to pair with our alcohol. Enter this one-pot stunner known as kong-bul. The dish’s portmanteau of a name reflects Koreans’ propensity for shortening phrases—in this case, kongnamul (soybean sprouts) and bulgogi (here referencing thinly sliced beef, as opposed to the popular barbecue). And it’s a favorite dish of mine, both when drinking and not. You layer the beef, soybean sprouts, and thinly sliced perilla leaves. It comes together super quickly, which makes it great for pairing with copious amounts of soju and beer or simply with rice for an easy weeknight dinner.

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