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Our 97 Best Salad Recipes Won’t Leave You Hungry

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Of course salad is a reliable side dish, there whenever your dinner needs some color and crunch. (This Iceberg Salad With Italian Dressing will woo any pasta, and these Picnic Tomatoes will be the star of any, well, picnic.) But to us, the best salad recipes are meals in themselves, ripe opportunities to show off whatever produce the farmers market has in store. With ruby-hued endive and fresh parsley, this Tuna Salad With Crispy Chickpeas is so good that one reader makes it weekly. With crisp lettuce and tiny tomatoes, this Halal Cart Chicken Salad makes the most of a rotisserie bird. With shiny greens and crunchy cucumber, this Kale Salad With Roasted Tempeh and Mushrooms is equal parts hearty and vegan. We could go on—and, in fact, we will. Here are our 97 favorite salad recipes (including our go-to salad dressings), to make the most of whichever vegetable or fruit (or noodle or potato) you have on hand.

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