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The Best Healthy Candy (2024)

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Sweeteners: Allulose, apple juice concentrate, pectin

If we had to pick just one: Guava, Calamansi, Ume Pack

Blobs Healthy Gummy Candy Variety Pack

Why We Love It: If you’re looking for a soft, chewy bite without any excess stickiness, you’ll love the texture of Blobs. The star-shaped candies come in three flavors—orange-peach, pineapple-passionfruit, and pomegranate-apple—all of which are vegan, have 2 g of sugar, and don’t contain any sugar alcohols. We particularly love the pineapple-passionfruit version for its mix of sweet and tart. Blobs are also pretty low in calories with only 50 in each 1.8 oz. serving.

Sweetener: Allulose, pectin, monk fruit extract

If we had to pick just one: Passionfruit-Pineapple

Why We Love It: Behave offers two shapes—stars and bears—in sweet or sour flavors. We are obsessed with the very sour sour packs, which make your mouth water and your facial muscles dance with delight. The gummies across the board win points on texture since they have a nice bounce and aren’t at all sticky. The flavors of the sour bears—in watermelon, mango, and lychee versions—are the clear winners. The brand has Top Chef alum Elizabeth Falkner on board as its Head of Candy, which might explain why these taste so good. The sour packs have 3 g of sugar, while the sweet boast only 1 g, and yet both are able to achieve a nice sweetness without any chemical aftertaste. Take note that Behave Bears have a ton of fiber (19–20 g per serving—the equivalent of the fiber content in five medium apples) so we kindly advise you to avoid eating the whole multipack in one sitting.

Sweeteners: Allulose, cane sugar, monk fruit

If we had to pick just one: Sour Stars

Small Wins Gummies, Sour Fruit Flavors Pack of 6

Why We Love It: NBA star Jayson Tatum created Small Wins as a candy alternative for his son. While we can’t vouch for whether Tatum eats candy courtside while playing small forward for the Boston Celtics, we can verify that the gummies have pleasant fruity flavors, aren’t too sweet, and don’t have a funky aftertaste. We preferred the sour mix since these gummies do tend to be on the stickier side, and the coating on the sour ones helps keep them separate. Both the mixed classic (which have 4 g of sugar) and sour mix (with 5 g of sugar) offer peach, strawberry, green apple, and watermelon-lime as the standard flavors.

Sweetener: Allulose, cane sugar, pectin, monk fruit extract

If we had to pick just one: Sour Mix Gummies

TiDBiTS Gummy Candies, Tropical Citrus Pack of 6

Why We Love It: These gumdrop-shaped gummies from Tidbits are for the snacker who prefers fruit snacks or chews over traditional gummy candies. The first thing we noted was their subtle sweetness and how much these taste like fruit juice. The tropical citrus pack, which has juice concentrate from mango, pineapple, and orange, is delightfully tangy. The texture was different for each flavor—the açai-grape was chewier (like a Welch’s Fruit Snack), while the strawberry was tougher (like a gumdrop). These fall somewhere in the middle with 4 g of sugar and 13 g of dietary fiber per bag

Sweetener: Allulose, cane sugar, pectin

If we had to pick just one: Tropical citrus

Issei Mochi Gummies, Strawberry

Why We Love It: Okay, so these aren’t actually trying to be a gummy bear or sour gummy worm, but these plush mochi candies from Issei are chewy and just sweet enough to fall into the general category. If mochi is your favorite shaved ice or fro-yo topping, you’ll love having a packaged version of the classic gluten-free snack. These tiny bites, which come in flavors like tangerine, mango, and strawberry, have a texture halfway between a gummy candy and a marshmallow. They have a subtle natural flavor and are just as tasty straight from the package as on top of your favorite sweet treat.

Sweetener: Invert syrup, sugar

If we had to pick just one: Strawberry

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