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From ‘dark days’ to ‘dominance’ – Sadiku shifts Celtic mindset

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A 14-game unbeaten run in the division, crucially including the 10 post-split games, had Celtic placed perfectly for a party.

With 125 goals scored and 25 games won, hopping over the Hibs hurdle was largely expected.

And while plenty plaudits must go in the way of Grant Scott’s side, and particularly Joelle Murray’s marvellous performance in her final game for Hibs, Celtic failed to reach the dizzying heights they have set under the Swede.

Just on Wednesday night against Hearts, the first-half performance was dubbed “incredible” by the head coach. The fluency and flamboyancy, swagger and style was there in abundance. The only thing in abundance on Sunday was nerves.

Skewed shots, forced finishes and impatient play were apparent. While Sadiku perhaps had not seen this film before, the players were on a re-run.

Gallacher admitted she was “worried”, while captain Kelly Clark who has spent over a decade at the club, said she “doubted it in the last five minutes”.

That’s the mentality Sadiku is in the process of squashing out, though. She’s succeeded so far in dispelling it, which is why Clark added she “probably shouldn’t have doubted,” but it’s about how Celtic kick on from here.

Not quite yet, though. That’s a job for the summer and now is a time for jubilation.

In her assignments so far, Sadiku has succeeded, or as she put it, “I came here to do something good and I think I managed it pretty well.”

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