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Queensberry vs Matchroom 5v5: Craig Richards on movie sets & masked reveals

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I messaged Eddie when I landed in Riyadh last Friday and he replied saying “this is you now, mate, get used to it”.

Boxing abroad has always been on my bucket list and, right now, Saudi is like the new Las Vegas.

The money is obviously great out here, but I came into the game to achieve big things, be on big stages and to win gold.

A win on Saturday can lead me towards world titles, make me more noticeable and put my name in the hat for challenging for big things.

Eddie has told me that I could change my life, as long as I go out there and do the business. I don’t need a bigger incentive than that.

I’d never watched or paid attention to Willy Hutchinson. He wasn’t on my radar or a name in the hat when I was coming through my career.

Once I found out he was going to be the guy I was going to fight, I went on YouTube and did my research on him.

He won a lot as an amateur and has looked good fighting journeymen but he has already lost once as a pro and never fought someone on my level.

So I’ll get my two points for the team with a knockout and then be ringside to root on the others and see them do the same.

Craig Richards was speaking to BBC Sport’s Kal Sajad.

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