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Promised Cures, Tainted Cells: How Cord Blood Banks Mislead Parents

Families pay thousands of dollars to store their children’s stem cells with the hope of a healthier future. But the cells are rarely useful, and sometimes contaminated. Source link

What Parents Should Know About Cord Blood Banking

Millions of parents have paid to bank blood from their infants’ umbilical cords. But storage companies have misled them about the cells’ promise. Source link

What’s Greenest and Cleanest When Nature Calls?

Conventional toilet paper has a big environmental impact. We’ve got the lowdown on alternatives, from bamboo tissue to bidets. Source link

Why Does a Routine Test of Newborns Reward ‘Pink’ Skin?

The Apgar test grades infants in five areas, including skin tone. Babies of color score lower, and may be subjected to unnecessary treatment. Source link

No Contact America

Encouraged on social media, many Americans are estranging themselves from their families as a therapeutic step. Source link

3 Presumed Bird Flu Cases Reported in Colorado

The cases, which have yet to be confirmed, were identified in farmworkers culling infected birds. The risk to the public remains low, health officials said. Source link

Do You Have Concerns About Embryo Storage? We Want to Hear From You.

We’re reporting on the challenges that fertility clinics face as they store a growing number of frozen embryos. Source link

Ruth Westheimer, the Sex Guru Known as Dr. Ruth, Dies at 96

Frank and funny, the taboo-breaking psychologist said things on television and radio that would have been shocking coming from almost anyone else. Source link

Methodology for Analysis of Nursing Home Staffing

More than a million public records were used to assess whether nursing homes were meeting state staffing minimums. Source link

How to Find a Good, Well-Staffed Nursing Home

Here are the telltale signs to look for in nursing homes to avoid, and resources that can point to better places. Source link
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