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25 Best Prime Day Kitchen Deals of 2024 to Shop Now

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BUY IT: Vitamix 5200 Blender, $413 $550 on Amazon

Zwilling Personal Blender

This powerful personal blender has a 500-watt motor, and the 20-ounce size is ideal for single-serving smoothies and juices. It’s small enough to fit in your kitchen cabinets, but chic enough to live on your counter. It also comes with a to-go lid so you can take your drink on the road.

BUY IT: Zwilling Personal Blender, $100 $170 on Amazon

Zojirushi Rice Cooker

A Zojirushi is the Cadillac of rice cookers, and it’s currently very on sale. Lest you think this is a bulky unitasker, the Zojirushi Rice Cooker can also double as a steamer, and it has a sleek brushed stainless steel exterior that will look great sitting out on your kitchen counter. Or, snag it’s smaller 3-cup counterpart if you’re looking for something simpler that takes up less counter space.

BUY IT: Zojirushi Micom Rice Cooker, $198 $232 on Amazon

Cuisinart 9-Cup Continuous Feed Food Processor

Cuisinart is known for its food processors for a reason. This 9-cup variety is beloved by our test kitchen. Mere vegetable chopper it is not—use it to make pesto, whip feta, and to break butter into flour for perfect biscuits.

BUY IT: Cuisinart 9-Cup Continuous Feed Food Processor, $125 $150 on Amazon

De’Longhi TrueBrew Drip Coffee Maker

This is one of our favorite single-serve coffee makers because it doesn’t take pods (preventing waste), and in fact, it really goes a couple steps ahead of a pod machine by including a grinder, so each of your single-serve cups will be brewed with completely fresh coffee beans.

BUY IT: De’Longhi TrueBrew Drip Coffee Maker, $460 $500 on Amazon

Panasonic Toaster Oven

It may look like the VCR in your grandparents house growing up (we think the look is kind of charming), but this Panasonic model is actually one of our favorite toaster ovens. It has won in our testing over other toaster ovens year after year in this increasingly competitive space. And we consider a toaster oven one of the most essential small appliances, for what it’s worth.

BUY IT: Panasonic Toaster Oven, $145 $170 on Amazon

Cafe Specialty Drip Coffee Maker

The Café Specialty Drip Coffee Maker came out on top in our product test for a reason: It’s simple enough for beginners, customizable enough for coffee buffs, has a sleek modern look, and makes a damn good cup of joe. If you find yourself buying coffee every morning because the stuff that comes out of your decades-old drip machine tastes like glorified bean water, we kindly suggest you treat yourself while this major upgrade is on sale for 25% off.

BUY IT: Cafe Specialty Drip Coffee Maker, $162 $300 on Amazon

Cookware deals

Le Creuset Dutch Oven

A Le Creuset Dutch oven is a Nancy Meyers fantasy kitchen staple for a reason: This enameled cast-iron Dutch oven is made to last forever. It heats evenly, gets super hot for perfect searing, and it works in the oven and on the stovetop. Not to mention the fact that it stuns on the countertop or tabletop, as well. The thing that sets Le Creuset apart from other Dutch ovens is, quite simply, the fact that the enamel never chips. This cookware is an investment, even at this killer discount, but it’s one of the best ones you can make for your kitchen as an avid home cook.

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