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Honey and Bitters Fruit Salad Recipe

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As far as culinary staples go, fruit salad is an elder—it has been around for generations and it isn’t going anywhere. A fruit salad will always be easy, but a good fruit salad involves more than just a chop and a toss. At their best, fruit salads deliver an unexpected combination of color and contrast, and more often than not, include the small but substantive additions from spices, herbs, and aromatics that frame the lushness of the produce. The following version is one that I enjoyed for several months after having my baby, a combination of berries, stone fruit, melons, underripe mangoes, kiwi, and pineapple. The fruit is seasoned with a heady combination of sweet honey and ferocious Angostura bitters, accentuated by Tajín, nutmeg, and salt. The result is a familiar salad with flavors that taste fresh and exciting, even though you likely have many of the ingredients on hand.

Allow the fruit salad to mingle with its dressing for at least 10 minutes before eating. You can also chill the fruit salad overnight; in that case, be sure to cut the fruit into larger pieces to preserve some of the texture.

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