Tuesday, July 23, 2024

37 Zucchini Recipes to Squash Your Stash

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Despite everything this lineup of verdant, satisfying-looking zucchini recipes proves, the summer squash has a sad, watery reputation. The “watery” bit is really a fact—zucchinis are 94% H2O—but the “sad” part, we’re here to tell you, is straight-up gossip. Just because the humble zucchini is inexpensive and abundant, and there are probably at least a few rolling of them around in your fridge at any time from June through September (and beyond!), it doesn’t mean it’s not fit for kings. Kings, we say! Whether you’re a slow-roasted zucchini person or prone to grill, zoodle, or stew into oblivion, our best zucchini recipes all show that, sometimes, the greatest things in life can be so simple.

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