Tuesday, July 16, 2024

29 Arugula Recipes for Your Peppery Green Era

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Salads might come to mind first if you’re thinking about arugula recipes, but your (and our) favorite peppery greens can do so much more. We rounded up a few go-to dishes below, and while you’ll find lots of arugula salad recipes, there are also arugula pasta dishes, pizzas, sandwiches, flavor-packed condiments, and even cocktails.

A few key things to keep in mind when working with arugula, or rocket, as the English say: You want to choose a bright, fresh-looking bunch with a clean scent and no signs of wilting. Arugula is quite perishable, so don’t rinse it until use, and store it tightly wrapped in a plastic bag (or silicone container) in the refrigerator for up to two days. Pre-washed, boxed or bagged arugula is also available at most supermarkets these days.

Prefer a peppery flavor with a little less edge? Try this crunchy, cilantro-heavy salad. But for those of us who are very much in the leafy-green-with-extra-bite camp, find 29 of our favorite arugula recipes below.

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