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The 5 Best Air Fryers for Crispy French Fries, Blistered Veggies, Roast Chicken, and More

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There isn’t much to dislike about the Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro. Every dish we’ve prepared in this stainless-steel appliance—focaccia! nachos! meringue!—has turned out perfectly browned, evenly cooked, and deliciously crisp. The only downsides we can think of are its large countertop footprint and its high price tag compared to more petite air fryer options. If neither of those are an issue for you, then we’d say it doesn’t have any downsides at all.

Capacity: 1 cubic foot | Wattage: 1800 | 13 Cooking functions: Toast, bagel, broil, bake, roast, warm, pizza, proof, air-fry, reheat, cookies, slow-cook, and dehydrate | Colors: Stainless steel | Weight: 38.9 lb. | Dimensions: 21.25″ x 17″ x 12.75″ | Warranty: 2 years |

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Our Place has mastered a social media–friendly aesthetic for its pots and pans, so it was not a shock that, when the brand made a move to small appliances and released an air fryer–countertop oven with the adorable moniker the Wonder Oven, that it began showing up in the feeds of our editors (Our Place also released a pressure cooker/slow cooker/Instant Pot type machine called the Dream Cooker). Commerce editor Carina Finn put the Our Place air fryer to the test and found it to be much more than a marketing gimmick that just happened to resemble a giant Easy Bake Oven. It perfectly crisped up frozen pizza rolls, the bare minimum for an air fryer, but it could do so much more, impressively crisping the skin of a whole roast chicken and even baking crusty French bread with the help of a steam infusion setting, which helped produce a crisp crust and a wonderfully soft crumb.

One thing to note about the Wonder Oven, though, is that it is decidedly not a digital air fryer. The interface uses old-school dials that produced temperatures that could vary by as much as 10 degrees from their setting. But ultimately, though it looks like a toy, Finn found it performed professionally. She said people sent her DMs begging her to tell them the Wonder Oven wasn’t as good as it looked, and unfortunately for them, she had to respond that “they might look like dollhouse accessories, but it is a serious appliance” that can best a number of full-size ovens.

Capacity: 12 liters | Wattage: 1400 | 6 Cooking functions: Air-fry, toast, bake, reheat, roast, broil | Colors: Sage green, spice, steam, char, blue salt, lavender | Weight: 11.6 lb. | Dimensions: 11.6″ x 10.6″ x 11.5 | Warranty: 1 year |

Instant Dash Cosori and Ninja air fryers

The small capacity air fryers that got tested, all clean and shiny.

Alaina Chou

How we tested and chose the best air fryers

First and foremost, we chose the best air fryers by consulting the testers at our sister site Epicurious, who have spent countless hours over the course of five years testing the most up-to-date machines. Since 2019 they’ve cooked a wide range of dishes that are commonly made in the air fryer, like French fries, vegetables, tofu, salmon, chicken, and veggie burgers in these air fryers, assessing and comparing factors like cook time, level of crispiness, ease of use, design features, capacity, ease of cleaning, and the size, weight, and mobility of the machine.

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